Saturday, April 5, 2008

Burrito Boys- Operation: RamRod

The Original Burrito Boyz- 120 Peter St. (

So, pumped and thullied after an amazing Jay's home opener, we set out for nourishment a la Mexicana, as our usual Spadina Garden/Jays Opener had to be switched up this year, as Spadina closes at 10:30 (boo). No worries, we actually were anticipating Burrito Boyz, as we have been there many a time before, but at most times too inebriated to recap anything in blog format the next day.

We usually frequent the one located on 218 Adelaide St. W, as it has some space for us to sit and actually eat properly. But as directed by fellow Epicurean and long-time Burrito Boy himself, Bunsy (soon to be Bean-sity, keep reading), we were informed that "we gotta go to the original Burrito Boyz". So we did, as it really is just a stones' throw away from our usual spot (why, I dunno).

Big (ch)tunes coming from above-neighbouring 'The Jerk Spot', located directly above BB, welcomed us (and our cession) as we rolled up. As we walked down the steps, we realized this place was ramrod. We couldn't even get in. So we went back outside to discuss whether we should stay or walk over to the next one. Then we realized the back-log was just people waiting to get their food, and not to order. So we re-entered, single file of course, only to be packed in like a bunch of sardines.

Let's just say, the system they have going on here is shit. You need to literally play some Ludacris' "Move Bitch, Get Out The Way", and drop a few 'bo's just to get to the front. Not to mention 5 people working there behind the glass yelling out numbers, taking orders, and asking who's next. Who is next? I dunno. A little organization can go a long way. The Menu is placed nicely on the wall, old school style chalkboard with little caricatures, I like. But you can't really see it when you want to order because there's too many people blocking it. This sign may be better off being outside, so you know what you want once you get in.

Once you've ordered, little tiny flags with numbers get stuck into your burrito, they top it up however you like, and then you have to 'don't puuuush' your way to the cashier. Then you must tell him your order again, and he'll give you (if you're lucky) a little card with a number on it. Now you're in business. Hopefully you get the right numbers, as we didn't (16,17 = 18,19?).

After 5 minutes of straight number dropping due to some confusion with- yes you guessed it, this number system, we waited patiently for our food.

Once our number's were called, and after feeling like Jerry waiting for the last Cinnamon Bobka (another Bobka?), we were ready to consume our burrito. I entrusted my choice in my boy Winson, who usually never fails when it comes to food choices, as he is well-seasoned (except for Mighty Taco- see blog to come). He said go for the Halibut, and I complied. Good job, Winse.

The selection at BB is perfect, not too much that you can't decide, and not too little that you need more options. I love how BB has a chalkboard as their menu, with colourful options and a listing of their toppings. They offer the basics: Steak, Chicken, Halibut, Shrimp, Bean & Cheese, Veggie. A vast amount of toppings can be added for no extra charge, including peppers, onions, cheese, jalapenos, beans, rice, salsa, guacamole, sour cream and of course hot sauce. Load it up. The jalapenos' are deadly...I love it.

Caution: when ordering the bean and cheese, please be advised that the beans do contain a soy product, that makes it resemble ground beef. The difference is negligible, especially to Beansity, who had a slight kerfuffle with the server, proclaiming the beans were beef. She toooold him.

BB serves its' burritos in two sizes, small and large, which is perfect as I was able to share a large one with my girlfriend. Definately recommend the Halibut, but you have to eat it right away, don't take this one to go.

Overall, for the price, BB is amazing. Their most expensive burrito is $8.85 for the Halibut, which is damn good if you ask me. That bad boy was quite filling. I don't think anyone paid more than 10 bucks, and that includes a drink. On a side note, BB has some great juices called JUMEX. Not sure if you know about them, but if you don't know, now you know. Tropical flavours such as Mango, Pineapple, and Kiwi are just to name a few of the vast tongue-tingling beverages. These hard to find drinks are sometimes found in East/West Indian supermarkets or local patty shops. Try one out.

And so,

Service: 2/5- Not expecting much here for a takeout joint, especially on a Friday night. Most places downtown have to deal with serious thullards, so I don't really blame them. Ordering is a little confusing, and definate re-tooling is needed for their ordering process. You may want to watch Seinfeld's famous Soup Nazi episode for proper review of ordering before you go.

Decor: 2/5- This place doesn't need to have any nice decor, however this place is waaaay to small to have any type of decorations in it. No need for the mini-eating area of 3 stools, as even our minnerest minner couldn't even eat there. Get rid of that corner nugget and organize a line/waiting area. One thing I did appreciate was the wall of fame, filled with articles and awards given to BB by various magazines and newspapers. It's good to boast a little when you can, plus theres something for us to do while we wait.

Food: 4.5/5 - Great. For a hole-in-the-wall, and a place that has no Hispanic workers, they pump out a mean Burrito. Props goes to the extensive topping area, sick drinks, and all around great burritos.

Price: 4.5/5- Very decent prices for "good food quickly". You can't beat anything decent under $10 these days. Especially downtown. You can go to subway for a bushy footlong, and still pay over $12 for a combo. But Burrito Boyz is like Subway with a Mexican twist...I'd opt for BB anyday...

OVERALL: 4.5 STARS out of 5

When it comes to late night grubbage with an after-club stumblage, 'D' Nasir's Falafel (they don't have washroom access, blog to follow), and take a nice stroll down a few steps to a Burrito Boyz. Not only are they open till 4am on weekends, it's definately worth the calamity- and the cramm-ity, for a tasty treat.


Sanjay said...

I've made the big times... directly quoted in the bloggage.

There's the Bean and Cheese and the Ground Round (see soy product above). 2 choices for the vegamatarians.

Culinarian said...

Stop showing me up Beansity in front of the whole Blogsphere...

I stand corrected...

Anonymous said...

i dont know why people keep talking about this burrito boys...the food is ok, if you like beans that come out of a can and over cooked meats that are spiced with some "Mystery spice".
CRAP is all i have to say, have MCD prob better for you.