Monday, April 28, 2008

The Ultimate Food Battle: DRIVE-THRU: Part 1

I've decided to switch it up a bit here, since we're always punking these fancy restaurants, it's time to switch focus, and discuss something a little more important: that oh-so staple in everyone's week: the drive-thru.

As an ex-employee of the one and only Golden Arches, I must admit that I've become passionate about drive-thrus, and not only as a customer, but as a human being. Coming from the other-side, and being on the inside looking-out, I've been able to catch a glimpse at what really goes on back there, and most importantly, what shouldn't. As a Mcemployee, I became passionate about delivering top-notch service and great quality food (it's a stretch, I know) at the same time. Maybe I was just drilled by my managers at the time, but I have to give it to McD's, they really brainwash you to give customers the best experience possible. And now I think this is why I'm never satisfied by my eating experiences, cuz I'm always looking to improve something or the other. Anyhoo, in the end I know what it takes to work the drive-thru, and I will offer some tips for all you readers to make the most of your late nite pick-up.

So I've decided to switch my focus from dine-ins to drive thrus, mainly because we are constantly visting McD's, Wendy's, Burger Kings and the like moreso than going out to eat properly. So finding the right place for that quick snack is essentially more important.

We'll do a little competition to find the best drive thru in the GTA, mainly in the Markham/Scarborough area, and give you some insight as to whether its worth the drive to Acton (or A&W, in my opinion).

Burger King (aka- B-Kguy): Kennedy/Denison

Time: 3:15 am, Saturday night. This is peak traffic time for BK, as nothing else is really open 24 hours these days, except McDonald's that is a little north, and Wendy's that closes at 3am. So BK is always the place of choice, not just for us, but anyone coming back thullied from the clubs and in dire need of grubbage.

As we pulled up, I saw the line was about 4 cars deep, and thought "great, we'll be here forever", however I was pleasantly surprised that it only took us about 6 minutes from the time we ordered to the time we received our food, which is amazing considering we usually wait at McD's @ Bamburgh for anywhere from 10-20 minutes for a bloody Junior Chickra. But we'll leave that for another blog.

The sont on the mic was truely a sont. He kept asking me "Is That All?", every time I ordered something. It was brutal. I wanted to punch him in the speaker.

We ordered:

1 Spicy Chicken Combo, with KING size fries, reg diet coke
1 Jr. Whopper
1 6-Pc Chicken Fries
1 Reg Chocolate Shake

We didn't wait in line for very long, which was great. I don't think I've ever gone through drive thru at this late an hour that quickly before. I guess they had more than the usual one person working that night, big tings.

Our total came to about $12, which is decent for 2 people...

When I asked for sauce, the guy had assumed that I wanted Buffalo Sauce, which was fine, but I would like an option to choose one for myself. I understand that speed is key in drive-thru, but service should always come first. He should have asked me what sauce I wanted instead of holding me up at the window.

We got home and ate our food about 10 minutes later. Let's just say, the food would have tasted great if we were thullied, but we weren't. Meaning the food was bushy. Now I'm not gonna be the biggest critic here (yeah right), cuz we weren't going to some gourmet place. But still.

Firstly, BK's Mayonnaise sucks. It tastes like a thicket of oil. They're chicken fries were definitely overcooked, or moreso their frying oil needed to be changed desperately. Their fries were okay, semi-fresh. The spicy chicken sandwich was pretty crappy, not spicy at all. One would think they would put their Buffalo sauce IN the spicy sandwich, but NO NO, they didn't. Making for a pretty bland-o sammich. Their Whopper Jr. was well, a Jr. Whopper. I don't know why I ordered it. One thing I hate, and this happens at Wendy's also, is the slip-sliding of the damn condiments in my burger. Why do these joints continue to dress their burgers with a hunk of tomato and a huge leaf of lettuce. Not to mention those rings of onions-baby (you will be missed, swirsk) they love to use, making for the slipperiest of burgers. One bite and you're eating half the burger only. Quite annoying. Lastly- the chocolate shake was horrible. It tasted like frozen mush-syrup mixed with plasticine.

At least the Diet Coke was good.

All in all, I'll rate our experience at about 2.5/5.

Service was not good at all. Quick, but that's about it. And speed is only HALF the battle.

Price was decent, can't really do much on the price as this is usually a standard.

Food was bush. How much can one really expect from a Drvie-Thru? Not a whole lot apparently.

Decor was Great...Love the view of the garbage can whilst turning the bend to get to the pickup window. Classy.

Overall: 1.5 STARS out of 5

BK- You are definately not the King of the Burger. Unless if you are royally thullied, I don't think you can enjoy a meal at 3am. Especially one a DT one. Don't worry readers, we'll find the best place, this I promise you.

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